Behavioral Personnel Economics

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  • ECTS: 3
  • Course Language: English
  • Requirements: Microeconomics I required, Microeconomics II recommended
  • Recommended Semester: 3th / 5th Semester
  • Core Elective Area: ECON2 (Microeconomics)
  • Topics of Interest: Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics
  • Level of Effort per ECTS (appropriate, high, very high): appropriate


Brief Summary: 

This course takes insights from behavioral economics and applies them to personnel economics. Topics such as how workers should be compensated, which applicants should be hired and how employees can be incentivized to cooperate are covered with the help of experiments and natural data. The lectures are a combination of theoretical concepts from personnel and behavioral economics supplemented with papers to demonstrate the validity of the concepts.

Challenges / Good to know:

The course material has strong similarities with concepts from the course "Behavioral Economics", so if you have taken this course, some material might be repetitive.

Pro / Contra

Lecture (Content, Structure, Learning Material):


  • Papers show practical relevance of the theoretical material
  • Lecture slides well done, contain all relevant information


  • Can sometimes be a bit dry

Effort for the exam / Tips

Effort per ECTS: 


Weighting of the Exercises: 

There are no exercises, however the exam has a substantial part consisting of mathematical exercises


  • Lecture slides
  • Book covering same content as slides

Learning Strategy (Time Management):

Understanding the intuiton behind the theoretical concepts is useful to solve the math exercises. Reading the slides and practicing the exercises (they are all solved in a similar manner) are the best way to prepare.

Placement in Curriculum

Which subjects build on this course:


Similar courses:

Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Finance, Microeconomics II





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