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  • Who we are…

    • future consumers

    As future economists and current economics students, we are customers of goods and services, ranging from software to soft drinks.

    • future employees

    As current students, most of us will start looking for employment within the next couple of years. Getting in touch with us proves valuable to companies in promoting their employment opportunities to us as we constitute a skilled and interested audience.

    To reach our members and your future employees, consumers and partners, we offer the following sponsorship opportunities.


    What we offer:

    We offer three categories of sponsorships and services. we see partnerships as long-term collaborations that we maintain through direct contact. These partnerships comprise the core of the EconClub outreach. For one-time sponsors, the event or project sponsorship provides a platform for exchange between companies and students, highlighting our partners’ many aspects. Lastly, we offer services to any company or association wishing to reach our audience. Services might provide fruitful avenues for further collaboration.

  • Partnership

    • Company-Logo on the Website

    • Logo on Roll-up

    • Firm-Portrait (Quiz or FunFact)

    • Sponsors Apero

    • Speaker (at Career-Event)

    • Merch for our Goodie-Bag

    • Partner-Events Newsletter

    • others on request

    Event or Project Sponsor

    • Merch for our Goodie-Bag
    • Get-Together Sponsoring

    • Speaker-Event (Careers)

    • Sponsor’s Apero


    • Job-Newsletter (200 CHF per distribution)

    • Firm-Portrait (200 CHF per post)

    • Merch-Shop

    • Partner-Events-Newsletter (100 CHF per distribution)

  • Detailed description

    • Company-Logo on the Website

      Your company logo will be visible in the footer and on the partnerships page of our Website (econclub.ch) for the duration of the partnership.


    • Logo on Roll-up

      Your company logo will be displayed on a Roll-up poster of the EconClub which we exhibit at all our events.


    • Job-Newsletter (Services: 200 CHF per distribution)

      If your company is interested in reaching our members with a job opportunity we will distribute the job posting through our channels with a total audience of 700+ (on Instagram, via E-Mail, our Whatsapp-Newsletter and LinkedIn). It may include a targeted advertisement on Instagram, in addition to our other targeted means of distribution.


    • Portrait of the Firm (Services: 250 CHF per distribution; Partnership: one time Partnership post)

      We want to make our members aware of your company and tell a story. In a portrait of the firm, we will do research on your company, create a post and distribute it on our Social Media. This can be done in two forms:

      • a company-specific quiz on our Instagram story and on LinkedIn

      • the classic portrait - a post on Instagram and on LinkedIn that gives an overview over the company.

    • Partner-Events: Newsletter (Services: 100CHF per distribution; Partnership: Included)

      If you have a company event that you would like to share with our members in order to expand and diversify your audience, we may distribute it through our channels. It will be posted on our Events page on our website and on our Instagram page.


    • Sponsored Event

      You can sponsor an event either at the University or at a location of your choice and we will advertise it to our members. We willn collaborate on the concept of the event so that the statutory requirements of our association are met.


    • Other

      As a student-led organisation, we are open to develop new forms of sponsor- and partnerships and would love to hear from you about your ideas for collaboration.

    Open to all of our Sponsors

    • Sponsors’ Apéro

      Once a year we invite all our sponsors to an Apéro at the University of Zurich, where you will get the chance to meet our board and our members.

    If you're interested please reach out to stanislaw.zytynski@econclub.ch

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