Introduction to Game Theory

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  • ECTS: 6
  • Course Language: English
  • Requirements: Microeconomics II highly recommended
  • Recommended Semester: 5th Semester
  • Core Elective Area: ECON2 (Microeconomics)
  • Topics of Interest: Microeconomics, Game Theory
  • Level of Effort per ECTS (appropriate, high, very high): very high


Brief Summary: 

The course offers an introduction to the basic models and concepts of game theory. You will look at how different agents behave and what equilibria exist in different models. The content is built upon foundations of microeconomics and takes those concepts further. The course is a mix of microeconomics, math and probability.

Challenges / Good to know:

The exercises are very relevant and are the best way to understand the material. Some of the exercises can be quite challenging.

Pro / Contra

Lecture (Content, Structure, Learning Material):


  • Can offer practical applications of the theoretical material


  • The lecture covers a lot of proofs which are not relevant for the exam, however they may be useful to understand material better
  • Lecture material can occasionally be dry (mathematical proofs)

Exercise (Relevance to the Lecture / Exam):


  • The TA sessions are very well done, TA explains the material well
  • A large part of the understanding comes from the exercises
  • There are solved solutions which are uploaded right after TA sessions


  • Can be quite challenging
  • Sometimes seemingly slight disconnect between lecture and exercises, but nothing major

Effort for the exam / Tips

Effort per ECTS: 

High, the exam was split into 3 big exercises covering 3 large topics. These exercises increased in difficulty and you needed a flat 50% of the points to pass the subject.

Weighting of the Exercises: 

Solving the exercises gives no bonus points for the exam, however they are crucial to understand the course material.


  • Exercises and the corresponding solved solutions
  • Lecture slides / podcasts

Learning Strategy (Time Management):

Solving and trying to understand the exercises are a good way of learning the course material. The TA sessions are also very helpful, even if you were able to solve the exercise.

Placement in Curriculum

Which subjects build on this course:


Similar courses:

Microeconomics II



If you enjoy microeconomics, you should take this course. It is a subject with more effort involved, but the content is interesting.




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