Behavioral Economics


  • ECTS: 6
  • Course Language: English
  • Requirements: Microeconomics I required, Microeconomics II recommended
  • Recommended Semester: 4./6. Semester
  • Core Elective Area: Microeconomics
  • Topics of Interest: Microeconomics, Social Intuition & Decision Making
  • Level of Effort per ECTS: Moderate


Behavioral Economics focuses on decision-making of individuals, introducing various models including Homo Oeconomicus, risk-averse/risk-seeking behavior and time preferences. The course does not feature a tutorial, the content for the exam is solely found in the lectures and the script. Even though all the models have a mathematical basis, the calculations are not very complex. Rather, the focus is on building intuition, so watching the lectures in depth is recommended.

Pro / Contra

Pro: Appropriate progression, enough resources to work through course content Contra: No exercises, mathematical material is limited to lecture slides

Effort for the exam / tips

The 3 ECTS are well represented by the effort involved. The exam questions are closely connected to the lecture material, covering all the models. By watching all the lectures, you will be well prepared for the exam. Gaining an intuitive understanding by reading the slides and asking questions during the lectures is also an advantage.

Related subjects

Behavioral Personnel Economics (Core Elective Microeconomics), Microeconomics II


Excellent introduction and first insights to behavioral intuition and models.


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